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My original Internet Family Site
Started Febuary 2003.
I started this website for myself and the Truelove Family in Australia by registering the unique domain It meant I could use the really personal email address gordon (at) Australia has a population of 20 million people and there are approximately 80 living Trueloves here. I believed at the time at least 20 would also want a similar email address. No takers so far.

This website became my experiment with internet pages and the wonderful things you can do graphically on the internet. In doing so I also lost the direction of building a website for the Truelove Family.
To fix that up I built and transferred information to another website, That website contains details of most of the Trueloves in Australia and their genealogy.
I have recently built another website to utilise the excellent family tree program Webtrees so that other Trueloves internationally will find it and fill in the missing links.
I am now back here and will try to clean up my mistakes in this website. I will leave most of the other pages in this website, you can visit them by clicking on the Links button of the left. The better ones are listed in the site index.
P.S. 5/2/2005
Since I last updated this page and website on 5/5/2004 many events have happened in my life. Wayne Johnson and Graham Truelove have contacted me after finding this website, my main computer died and I have realised my excellent organisational skills have let me down. The open family database has given me sleepless nights, yet I realised there was a need for it to be accessable. Frankly I dislike writing database code, however, one has to compromise between accessibility and privacy. So, new database access rules. The australian server for continues to have problems. So, there is a need for a backup website. See the news page for further updates.

Gordon Truelove. Melbourne Australia 7th February 2005

Since starting this website 12 years ago, the population of Australia has grown to 24 million and I retired in 2009.
Maintainance of this site suffered from 2009 to 2013. From high speed cable internet to a satellite connection.
I even had to drive to a local hill to get a mobile phone signal. The 2013 Bundaberg flood wiped out my old computers, however, I did have backups and telecommunications have improved in Burnett Heads in the last 6 years. The links above now go to new websites which I have started to build. Read the news for progress reports.

Gordon Truelove. Burnett Heads, Queensland. Australia 24th May 2015

Time does get away on you. Retirement has been hard. Its 2019 and the australian population is approaching 25 million. I am lucky in my choice of retirement village, very few of the new population have found their way here. We do have construction started of an RV village, so there will be more panzer-wagons in the shopping centre car park.
Maintainance of this site has continued to suffer from 2015 to 2019. The internet connection is wireless broadband and not reliable with bandwidth problems. We do have the NBN, but I am not yet ready to take that giant step as the copper in our street is 20 years old. I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 and am trying to sort out the multiple backups to get a working domain here. is up and working.
Read the news for progress reports.

Gordon Truelove. Burnett Heads, Queensland. Australia 1st August 2019

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