Saturday, December 26, 2020

The Last Entry

I have received a comment this month. First ever, thought I had turned comments off. I am no longer using this blog as I have a more accessible and adjustable news page here. Please use this new blog for further information.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

August 2020

Lots of happenings. I have sold the old yellow steel boat. It is still moored in the river at the end of Coates St, however, it will be going to its new home in Brisbane this year. I have bought a small catamaran to sail in the river. It is in the backyard being restored, We now have an NBN connection, unlimited access to the internet, which ends our saga of poor internet connection started in 2010. I have built 3 new computers running windows 7 with large screens so I can now transfer information from the internet to the websites and check up using my databases that the info is accurate. I can now upload the family photos I have accumulated without blowing my quota every month. Finally the family websites have had a large increase in visits, must be the corona-virus effect. Gordon

Monday, March 30, 2020

Coronavirus 2020

The advent of the corona virus has stirred me to further action. I am updating the records of myself and immediate family members. There are more stories also. If any family member is feeling a bit vunerable like myself, register and update your bit. If you need a record of whats here or the more extensive one on Myheritage, contact and I will email them to you. All of my domains are located on USA servers. I am a bit concerned about this, so today I have started a new server contract with an australian one in Sydney and will copy this site and others to that server. Hopefully all 3 won’t go down.

There are 2 free family genealogy programs available, Ancestris and Grampus. There are lots of ones for sale/hire. They will all read the GED files I can provide.

The virus is not effecting us here in Burnett Heads apart from the social distancing measures. Our fuel prices have dropped to $1.02 per litre for unleaded. All food is available, but paper products are in short supply. The local distillery is converting its rum alcohol over to hand sanitizer, so look out for Bundaberg Hand Rumatizer in your local supermarket.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Website Updates

I have started adding extra details to for Albert Truelove and George William Mclaren. The search engine at My Heritage appears to have run out of any further details of immediate family members, so the actual family tree is stabilising. I am still updating the Illabo part of the Truelove family as I have found some old information supplied by Nick Truelove in 2004. Have had contact with John Schubert’s website and discovered the original ancestory research there had more Mclaren relatives than previously found. George Mclaren, George William’s father was married twice so George William had step brothers and sisters in Scotland. In I have restored some of the original graphics.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

The final family tree for 2019 is available

I have uploaded the final 2019 file for the complete tree to The file doesn’t upload correctly. It is missing my small bit of the family and I can’t work out why. I will investigate after Christmas. There are 2000 family members in the file. I am not uploading it to the other webtrees until I sort out whats wrong.