Tuesday, August 20, 2019

This Blog program is working.

Have tried to change some of the features here, but no success. However, it will do to provide information about whats happening with the sites.
I have not as yet come up with a firm vision of how it should all work. I do have problems with the Webtrees program. Its graphics are sort of restricted. It is still better than the other available and has more features which I have been investigating. The basis of most genealogy now is the GED file and Webtrees works with it. I have put a program on my computer which builds GED files. So I can upload the GED file instead of using Webtree to build it online. I have also re-discovered that there were/are at least 5 distinct Truelove Families from England. So I need to have a multiple facetted Webtree with the distinct Family lines in it. From that we should be able to see if there are any connections available. I am going to keep the other types of genealogy displays, ie the old one with the graphic vertical trees and the plain name listings. The plain name listing is at www.truelove-genealogy.net and the graphics will be at www.truelove-family.info. The webtrees will remain at www.trueloves.info. More later on this. Gordon.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Trying to get a simple news going

This is my second attempt with flat press. The previous one appeared to be corrupted. Really hoping this works as trying these blogs/news programs has been time consuming. I need one to keep myself focused on what I should be doing.

Welcome to FlatPress!

This is a sample entry, posted to show you some of the features of FlatPress.

The more tag allows you to create a “jump” between an excerpt and the complete article.

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