Saturday, November 30, 2019

Charles St George Truelove (broadbent family)

I cannot remember why I called this part of the family Broadbent. However, there is now a family tree, very sparse. I have registered the family with MyHeritage put there is nothing coming up for Charle’s birth and family in England as yet. There are two additional stories for Charles in Melbourne.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

new update for

I have uploaded the latest GEDCOM to this website. There are over 2000 names listed, about 250 Trueloves. A lot of duplicate records have been created by merging the old and new files. There is probably a better way, but this keeps the photos attached to the record. I will now attempt to add more photos to this family tree. Here is the link http://truelove-fami … er&ged=truelove-tree
Sounded good, however, I have now found the file uploaded is corrupt. Found it is only loading 6 children for Elizabeth Emily Truelove not the 8 as listed. So we have 8 children in the original file from This loads okay to but only loads 6 children to Have not checked any other entries as yet

The news is good and getting better

Finally, I have been able to upload the latest version of webtrees to and can now upload photos to same webtree. Try the South Australian tree.
It is all very complicated. Gordon

The news is good

Hi, I have resolved an issue with the webtree programs. It was not possibly to vary the opening page and I could not reference the News Site. This meant I did not have a central news and had to update all the webpages individually, which I did not do regularly. I am fixing this now.

Speerin Family

I had a long talk to my brother Bruce today. The following is a news entry in the Speerin Family Tree. It explains why the Speerins are with us.
The Speerin Family
15 November 2019 - 23:23:07

The Speerin Family are included in this website as Nellie Speerin was my natural grandmother. My father Albert Truelove was born to Nellie Speerin in Newtown on 19th September, 1909. My Paternal grandmother adopted “bertie” immediately and he was raised as her son. my father did not know he was adopted until prior to his marriage to mum when a birth certificate was required. Grand mother Truelove provided the original adaption paper to mum for the marriage. A Speerin Family tree is now available. http://www.australia … type=gedcom&ged=tree